Trevi Privilege

TREVI PRIVILEGE: a contract of trust


TREVI Privilege offers these benefits:

  • Set-up of a complete file
  • Guarantee for press advertising: published each week in one of our press supports (Le Soir, Vlan, Logic-Immo, La Libre Belgique, …)
  • Permanent presence on minimum 5 most representative real estate web portals throughout the duration of the mission (,,,,
  • Your property permanently in XL-size on Immoweb!
  • Support or cost reimbursement of the electrical conformity test*
  • Support or cost reimbursement of the energy certificate*
*After we signed the sales agreement, the inspection of the electrical installation by a certified company amounting to €135 VAT included, as well as the costs of the energy certificate amounting to €248 VAT included for an apartment and €302 VAT included for a house.


TREVI Privilege offers these benefits:

    Before signing the lease
  • Advice to promote your property and value it at a fair market price
  • Complete and targeted launch of your property, including pictures, in a national and international portfolio
  • Active and intensive marketing: Advertising on Internet (Permanent presence in the top 5 real estate websites:,,,, )
  • Your property in XL-size on Immoweb continuously
    When the lease is signed
  • We support the administration of your lease registration
  • A 10% discount on the tenancy inspection (landlord’s share) thanks to our TREVI EXPERTISE department
  • Possibility to subscribe to a “NO WORRIES” insurance starting at €110/year
  • Provision of legal assistance, support lawyer and bailiff fees in order to defend landlord’s rights in case of dispute with the tenant, support the legal procedure and fee recoveries of unpaid rents

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